Fiona Ma
Fiona Ma, CPA
California State Treasurer

Welcome to CalABLE, the Golden State’s Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) plan!

With the passage of the federal ABLE Act, millions of Americans with disabilities have been empowered to reach a new level of control when it comes to achieving greater financial security. ABLE accounts are a new savings option that allow individuals, who became disabled before the age of 26, to save and invest in a tax-advantaged account, without jeopardizing their ability to collect SSI.

In the past, individuals with disabilities didn’t have the freedom or flexibility to keep money in their own name, receive an inheritance, or even save to purchase much needed assistive technology. That’s because saving for the future meant the possibility of losing eligibility for programs like SSI or Medi-Cal.

But, with CalABLE, a world with financial freedom, independence, and a better quality of life are now at the fingertips of those with all types of disabilities. Eligible individuals throughout California, and nationwide, can sign up for a CalABLE account today and manage their money right on this website. The best part – up to $100,000 deposited into a CalABLE account – won’t affect eligibility for government programs.

This program will enhance the lives of people with disabilities, and offer peace of mind to parents, friends, and loved ones, who want to make sure these individuals will be financially secure into the future.

At CalABLE, we look forward to serving your financial needs and helping you dream, plan and succeed in your most ambitious goals!