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CalABLE equips you to save for the future without affecting eligibility for public benefits

Since inception, CalABLE is changing the way people with disabilities can plan and save for their financial futures.

Unlock Financial Freedom with CalABLE: Your Path to a Stress-Free Future!

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Members of the disability community shouldn’t have to struggle to build financial security because of the risk of losing public benefits and the high cost of expenses. With CalABLE, you can save for needs and dreams, and afford to live your best life.

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Save more than $2,000

Accumulate savings up to $100,000 without the risk of losing federal or state benefits

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Grow investments
for your future

Earn on investments tax-free when withdrawals are used to pay for qualified expenses

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Spend your money anywhere

Pay for qualified expenses directly from your account or with our prepaid debit card

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Dream. Plan. Succeed.

With CalABLE, Californians with disabilities are achieving a new level of financial empowerment. In just a short amount of time, CalABLE account holders have saved and invested more than $100 million to improve the quality of their lives. As State Treasurer, I am devoted to ensuring that we continue to extend this opportunity to achieve financial stability to as many people as possible.

I’m pleased to announce that beginning in 2026, newly passed legislation raises the eligibility age from the onset of disability before age 26 to age 46. CalABLE and the Legislative Affairs team are already hard at work to ensure that federal and state law are aligned by the time this change goes into effect.

My team and I are dedicated to ensuring every California citizen has equal opportunity to dream, plan, and succeed. Through CalABLE, we are achieving that vision.

In peace and friendship,
Fiona Ma, CPA
California State Treasurer

Who is eligible?

Individuals with a disability that occurred before age 26* who meet certain criteria are eligible to open a CalABLE account.

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*In 2022, the U.S. Congress passed the ABLE Age Adjustment Act. This legislation increases the eligibility age of beneficiaries of ABLE accounts from the onset of disability before age 26 to age 46—beginning January 1, 2026. Until then, only individuals who have a qualifying disability beginning before age 26 are eligible to open a CalABLE account.

Plan benefits

Earnings on investments and withdrawals from your CalABLE account for disability-related expenses are 100% federal and California state tax-free. 

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Qualified expenses

A CalABLE account lets you save and pay for qualified expenses and the things that will let you live your best life.

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Others can contribute

Anyone can contribute to your CalABLE account – you, your friends, your family, business, employer, trust or a corporation.

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For Parents, Guardians and Advocates

You can open an account on behalf of a beneficiary if you are an Authorized Legal Representative.

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ABLE to Work

Account owners/beneficiaries who are employed can contribute additional amounts above the $18,000 annual limit.

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Meet CalABLE Ambassadors

Learn how CalABLE has changed the lives of CalABLE account holders and their families. 

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Help your clients open a CalABLE account

Entities, such as non-profits, resource agencies, financial advisors, and others may serve as an Authorized Legal Representative (ALR), and open accounts for their clients.

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