ABLE Resources

Opening a CalABLE account allows those living with disabilities to invest in the future and help preserve federal benefits like SSI.


Below are a range of customized resources to help people living with disabilities, their families, and those who serve and support them to better understand the benefits and value of opening a CalABLE account.

CalABLE Partner Toolkit

Request CalABLE Partner Toolkit

All the resources partners need to get started with CalABLE. Download this if you are a family member, legal representative, educator, social worker, advocate, accountant, financial advisor, or work in any organization or industry that supports and advocates for those living with disabilities. It includes, in one handy and easy-to-follow guide, everything you’ll need to understand and get started with CalABLE. 

Program Disclosure Statement

Download CalABLE Program Disclosure Statement

To be used alongside all promotion of the CalABLE program.


Enrollment brochure

Tri-fold brochure

Welcome to your Financial Fitness Center!

Navigating finances can sometimes feel intimidating, but CalABLE has engaged EVERFI to help.

We hope that these tools can help strengthen your understanding in topics such as financial resilience, owning a home, and saving for retirement.

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