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Authorized Legal Representatives

CalABLE is a life-changing savings program creating financial freedom and equity for people living with disabilities and CalABLE accounts allow for management by an Authorized Legal Representative (ALR).

Opening a CalABLE account for a child, or someone you care for, empowers them to save, invest, and live with greater independence. It’s for the things they require today and the things they may need or want in the future. Whether it’s a home of their own, additional care, training for a first job, or retirement, a CalABLE account can help support their goals.

Are you an ALR?

An Authorized Legal Representative (ALR) can open an ABLE account for an eligible beneficiary. 

An ALR is anyone (in the following order of priority) who: 

  1. is selected by the eligible beneficiary, 

  2. has Power of Attorney, 

  3. is a conservator or legal guardian, 

  4. is a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, or 

  5. is a representative payee (individual or organization) appointed by the Social Security Administration.

If you are interested in becoming an ALR for your clients or those in your care, the CalABLE team is ready to assist you.

To get started, please contact us.