Welcome, Squirmy and Grubs.

Published on 1/08/2021

CalABLE is proud to partner with influencers Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward.

Shane has a disability. Hannah does not. To change how the world sees them as a couple, they started posting videos in 2018 about their “inter-abled” relationship as Squirmy and Grubs—their pet names for one another. Since their marriage in September 2020, their YouTube channel surpassed over 788,000 subscribers.

Shane and Hannah recently discovered CalABLE and opened an account. They were so excited about the benefits of the program that they shared the news with their YouTube audience. Partnering with CalABLE, Squirmy and Grubs plan to spread the word that a CalABLE account empowers people with disabilities to achieve a better life experience.

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